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Believe it or not, the very first tool you need to start a DIY redecoration project is an online interior design tool. Assuming you have something in mind, it would be great to actually see how it looks like. There are plenty of online tools you can use for that. Moreover, even if you don’t really know what you want, this piece of software allows you to experiment until you get it right.

After you know exactly what you want to change about your house, it’s time to gather the tools you need to get the job done. We will talk about the tools needed to repaint your house and install wooden floors.
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How to fix broken furniture

The never ending debate: should you throw away broken furniture or should you recondition it? The answer depends on how broken your furniture really is. Here are a few situations when it’s better to get rid of the piece instead of spending energy on repairs:

  • There are large cracks that cover a big part of the surface area
  • There are large cracks that cover a big part of the surface area
  • The veneer is chipping or peeling on big areas
  • Important parts of a composite material piece are warped

On the other hand, solid wood furniture pieces should be kept if they have only cosmetic blemishes, especially if the joints are the mortise and tenon kind. This is the general guideline, but let’s now see some specific things you can fix about broken furniture. These quick solutions are cheap and even people who aren’t handy can implement them successfully.
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How to redecorate your bedroom to make it look bigger

The eternal problem of people who live in small homes: how do you make it look bigger than it actually is? We are going to provide a few guidelines on the matter and we hope you’ll find a few useful things to implement in your own house.


Before we talk about furniture, let’s discuss the colours of your walls. You’d be surprised how much more spacious a room can look if you choose the right paint. Briefly, you should avoid bold colours and go with light hues. Dark colours definitely look good but you have to pay the price of “shrinking” the room down. Here are a few examples of adequate colours: white, pale grey, cream and even light blue make the bedroom look airy and open.
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How to redecorate your child’s room

It’s important for your child to have a room where he feels safe and happy. Unfortunately, a regular adult room won’t cut it. You need to put some extra thought into your child’s room decoration. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Go with queen size beds

Having a bed that’s shaped like a race car or Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage sounds interesting but you might be surprised when your child says he/she got bored with it or has outgrown this design.

Single beds are great if you don’t have enough space but if the room can bear a queen size bed, that’s even better. You make a one-time investment as opposed to several purchases every few years because the child can no longer fit in the bed. Besides, a queen size bed allows the kid to sleep comfortably.
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How to turn a basement into a game room

Every adult needs a bit of time to unwind but unfortunately, leading a busy life makes it hard to do so. Some resort to alcohol and good music while others prefer games, be it online, Dirty Dancing Slot for example, or offline, like a fun old fashioned foosball game.

Regardless of what you prefer, it would be beneficial to your mental health to blow off some steam in a game room of your own design. You choose what you bring: board games, table games or video games. Assuming you have a basement, why not turn it into a veritable game room? Let us show you how it’s done.

Plan it all out

Just like with any other project, first you make a plan and then you carry it out. Ask yourself, what do I want from this game room? What do I like most playing? Do I want a place with all the available game consoles and a monster PC or am I the kind who would rather play pool and foosball with his friends?
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Hi everyone and welcome to! Before we get into details about house redecoration, I thought to first speak about what such a project entails and what costs to expect. Fortunately, doing all the work yourself saves you from spending money on an interior designer. Still, you have to prepare yourself for a significant investment of thousands of pounds.

How much does a designer cost?

Firstly, let’s see exactly how much you’re saving by not paying an interior designer. Fees reflect the experience of the designer, the location and type of project being undertaken. Some interior designers charge an hourly fee while others would rather get a percentage of the entire project’s cost. There also are some who prefer a single lump sum. Room by room project fees can start at £500 per room, including drawings and samples, while hourly rates vary between £50 and £150, some top notch firms charging even £200-£250 per hour.
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